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New CD release

Sonic Transients is the new ambient project by Axess and Maxxess. The first album “The Rhoen Tapes” out now!

Pyramid Peak Live!

On Saturday the 28.10.2023 we will return to the Dechenhoehle cave! Special guest: moonbooter.  Lasershow by Cavelaser Project! Tickets available soon.  

Other projects with Axess

Finest electronic music in different styles: Ambient, Chillout, Dance, Prgressive Electronic Rock, Berliner Schule - choose your favourite!

Welcome to the musical homepage of AXESS

Axess is the musical solo project of Axel  Stupplich from Leverkusen, Germany. Since  1986 Axel is working on various musical  projects, all influenced from the electronic  music of the late 1970’s. With the help of  various digital & analog synthesizers, drum  machines and sequencers he creates a  unique sound and his own little musical  universe.  In 1995 Axel founded the band Pyramid  Peak together with his old friend Andreas  Morsch (Project Andrew Rotten) and Uwe  Denzer. Since 1999 they released several  CDs and became one of the most famous  bands in the electronic music scene in  Germany and even Europe. They did many live performances in different countries  and have a growing fanbase all over the world. In 2001 Axel decided to release his  own music under the name of “Axess” to find a seperate channel for his individual  musical output. 9 CDs have been released since then and on top he also produced 2  albums with the Bavarian musician and composer Max “maxxess” Schiefele. Due to  their personal friendship Max can also be seen constantly on stage together with Axel  and Pyramid Peak as Pyramaxx. His powerful and emotional guitar sound fits perfectly  to the melodic and sometimes epic soundscapes of Axess and Pyramid Peak. In  combination with videos and a nice light show their concerts are a truly audio-visual  piece of art.
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